Storage space.

Whereas, it has been agreed between the parties hereto that premises described herein shall be leased by lessor to lessee for storage of property consigned to lessee as security for advances, the premises being maintained at expense of lessor:

This agreement witnesses that for term of one year from date hereof, and for so long as any property shall remain thereon which has not been released on repayment to lessee of all advances and charges on the same, lessor, in consideration of benefits to accrue, and of yearly rental or sum of _________, receipt whereof in advance is hereby acknowledged, leases to lessee premises of lessor at _________, particularly described as follows: [insert description].

Lessee shall have at all times by their agents, servants, or employees, free ingress and egress to and from the premises, through or over any other premises of lessor; and the right to place and maintain such signs and marks thereon, or on the property stored thereon, as may be necessary to indicate proprietorship of lessee; and paramount right at all times during continuance of this lease to employ any facilities of lessor for receiving, handling, weighing, storing, caring for, packing, shipping or delivering property.

It is further agreed that:

1. Lessor shall furnish all material and labor and bear all expenses for keeping and maintaining premises in good order and repair, and for employment of a custodian by lessee, and for receiving, handling, weighing, storing, caring for, packing, shipping, or delivering, property taken into, or delivered from, premises in such manner as lessee shall direct; and in consideration thereof charge for storage by lessee prior to the maturity of advances made on merchandise stored shall be waived, and thereafter shall be $_____ per day or fraction thereof.

2. Lessee shall not, without consent of lessor, for all or any part of the term hereby granted, sublet the premises, or occupy or use the same in any other manner than for storage purposes, and for the transaction of such business as may be connected therewith, or incident thereto.

3. Should lessor violate any of the terms or conditions of this lease; or in any manner interfere with, or make difficult, the duties of the agents, servants, or employees of lessee; or become insolvent; or should the premises become involved in any manner in litigation; or should lessor, or lessee, be ejected or ousted therefrom or proceedings be begun for that purpose; or should lessee at any time deem it necessary for the protection of his interests or of the property stored; then lessee shall have the right to remove all property from the premises herein described to such other place or places as lessee may deem proper or expedient; and in case of any such removal lessor agrees to pay to lessee all expenses of such removal, and of storing the property elsewhere, until the property so stored shall be released on repayment to lessee of all advances and charges upon the same.

4. Lessor agrees to execute or cause to be executed any further agreement or agreements that may be necessary to secure the convenient use and enjoyment of the premises hereby leased by lessee.

In witness whereof, etc.



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