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Foreclosures Explode as Thousands Lose Jobs! 

      Please! Give me three minutes to convince you I have a powerful pre-foreclosure system for finding distressed homeowners who maybe forced to sell their homes at desperation prices!  

      Are you interested in a steady stream of real estate profit opportunities? Then this amazing preforeclosure system is for you!

      It's sad that 100s of thousands are losing jobs, but that's creating a boom in preforeclosure opportunities.  Here's the good news.  There's a way you can help some of those people and make money at the same time!

      In a moment I will reveal what I consider, dollar for dollar, the world's most exciting real estate preforeclosure profit system.

"The Money is in Pre-Foreclosures!"

      It's no secret that there is huge profit opportunity in foreclosure real estate.  You've heard about it, now let me tell you why my pre-foreclosure  system can be like gold to you...

      There is a way for the part-time investor to have a shot at serious money.  The secret is to find single-family homes that can be purchased at less than full value.  That's your key to success!

      You must have a proven "system" that will provide a constant stream of properties where there is an owner that, for a variety of reasons, may be motivated to sell at a bargain price.  You hit this bull's eye with homes facing foreclosure!  HUD homes, VA homes, Government homes, bank foreclosures, distressed homeowners. More about the  preforeclosure system in a moment.

"Danger - Watch Out for This!

      When most people hear the words real estate foreclosure investing they immediately think of an auction sale on the steps of the courthouse.  Yes, it's true.  Investors can buy real estate at bargain prices at foreclosure auctions, but look out, that's super risky!

      First you need thousands and thousands of dollars in cash!  Next you must completely understand how to search real estate title records, so that you are not surprised by some obscure lien that has been recorded against the property.  Without that skill you could bid on property that has far more debt than it is worth.  I sure don't have the stomach for that game.

     Yes, buying homes at a foreclosure auction can be a dangerous and costly game.  But, hold on, we little guys can still make the big score if we know...

"The Foolproof Secret!"

           The truly amazing opportunity is in pre-foreclosure prospecting!

      Pay attention now, because this is almost too good to be true!  In most states, the real estate foreclosure process must start with a published notice called the "notice of default", "notice of trustee's sale" or something similar.

      That is the official and legal notice to the homeowner that he/she is in default on some aspect of the mortgage contract and the mortgage holder intends to take foreclosure action against them.  99% of the time that means the homeowner has missed at least two loan payments and the lender is coming after the home.

"The Money Lands Right in Your Lap!"

      Did you catch that?  In your newspaper there will appear a list of every home facing foreclosure.  Plus - that list will contain the name and address of every person in foreclosure trouble!

      Man, it's as if someone is waving a flag in your face signaling, "Here is where you find super bargain property!" 

      Just look how easy your first step is...

      You locate where those real estate foreclosure notices are published each day (I'll show you how).  Then you use my exclusive pre-foreclosure system to persuade those distressed homeowners to listen to your offer of help.  Yes, you often can help with this system!  

      Stay with me now, because we are getting to the fun part.

"Everybody Wins!" 

      My philosophy in dealing with troubled homeowners is to strive for a deal that will benefit both of us.  Yes sir, I am out to make a profit and I make no secret of that, but I refuse to fleece the owner in the process.

      You have to understand that the distressed real estate owner is about to have a foreclosure on his credit record for the next ten years.  This will make any credit he is able to get in the future very expensive. 

     He's broke, has rotten credit and his nerves are shot.  Let's not kick him when he's down.

     You come galloping onto the scene with an honest desire to try and minimize his financial pain.  You have learned a list of clever ways to offer help (they're in my system).  You probably won't be able to save him completely, but you can help.  At the very least you will allow him to save-face and perhaps leave with a little cash in his pocket.

"The Magic is in the System!"

      That is the foundation of the exclusive system you will learn from my manual called "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System". It will lead you to startling real estate profit opportunities!

      This big, fat manual presents a complete plan that takes you through every step of the real estate pre-foreclosure investing opportunity.

  • You will learn the legal ramifications faced by the homeowner and what your timetable is in contacting him.

  • You will know ways in which you can provide some help while making generous profits.

  • You will learn how to research the property to be sure there really will be serious money for you in the deal.  

      One of the power tactics in "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" is the exclusive strategy you will use for contacting the homeowner in the most considerate way possible.

     I cringe when I hear of some insensitive morons who actually pound on the homeowner's door and attempt to frighten her into making a deal.

      Trust me when I tell you nothing even close to that is necessary when you have this clever system. Here's why...

      My many years working in media have allowed me to create an ingenious direct marketing plan that will empower you to reach distressed owners and motivate them to call you!

      Did you get that?  A powerful plan that has prospects coming to you.  It makes real estate investing painless!

"The Plan Alone Worth
 More Than the Price!"

      This innovative system is fully described in "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" manual.  You will find a ton of examples that you are welcome to personalize and use in your own program.  Others have told me that this material alone is worth far more than the price of the manual.  It is powerful!

      But there's lots more than just marketing! 

      Be assured that this is a complete, step by step, pre-foreclosure real estate system with every detail covered in an easy to understand manner.   From your first contact to the close of escrow, it's all explained right there in your manual.  

      No special real estate experience or education is required.  The entire system is in your manual.  The system works, if you will work the system!

"Your Very Profitable Business!"

      Now, this is important.  This system should be approached just like any other business.  Too many new investors jump into something without a plan.  Most crash, lose money and then bad-mouth foreclosure real estate opportunities.

      That won't happen to you, because...

      "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" will be your plan.  You'll refer to your manual over and over, because it is like having a real estate consultant always standing by to help.

      In addition to the dynamic marketing plan, you will learn:

   *  The marketing schedule critical to success.
 * Simplified details of foreclosure.
 * How to react to owner contacts.
   A plan for first meeting with an owner.
 * Key questions that must be asked.
 * The key to calculating profits.
 * How to determine market value.
 * How to structure winning offers.
 * Vital contract clauses.
 * Sample purchase agreement.
 * Profit skills.
 * How to buy with no cash.
 * How to turn the property into profit.
 * How to find a money partner.
 * Control without owning
 * How to work from home.
 * Where to find vital information.
 * 4-hours per week prosperity plan.
 * How to avoid traps and pitfalls.

    ....and much more!

      The big, fat manual lays out a complete and powerful profit system.  It gets the money!

Everything you need to know is explained in simple, easy to understand language. Read it twice and you will be "good to go!"

"Do You Really Want To Make Money?"

      Is this a get rich quick plan?  Oh, no!  "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" is not complete, because it lacks one ingredient.  It lacks your determination and dedication.  

      If you will devote the spare time you have available for 6-months, I truly believe it can change your life.  If others can do it so can you! 

"30-Day, No Risk Guarantee!"

      I want you to buy this manual.  That's no surprise, is it?  But I will only let you buy if I take the risk, so here is my offer.

      Buy the manual and if at any time in the next 30-Days you feel that you have not received valuable, original strategies return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

      See, you take absolutely no risk when you buy.  Think about it!  You just can't lose with an 30-Day Guarantee!  And my Internet order system is tested and completely secure.

"Hey, Let's be Friends!"

      Look, I'm a real person and we may meet some day.  I want to be able to shake your hand, look you in the eye and swap some investing stories.

      That is exactly why I insist upon taking the 30-Day risk, although I admit I seldom have to make good on that promise.

Free Bonus #1!

      Please don't leave this page without ordering!  You may never find your way back and then we will both be out of luck.

      Let me help you make up your mind by offering to include a copy of my exclusive manual "Liens and Deeds" ($20.00 value).  This is a short course in understanding the liens and deeds that every real estate investor will encounter at some time.

      This information can not only give you an edge when buying and selling real estate, but is knowledge you must have to avoid legal entanglements.  I have written this especially for you and you will find it nowhere else.

      It's yours free if you buy now with my secure order system!

Free Bonus #2

      You are a tough nut to crack, so one more enticement.  Order right now and I will include "Two Investing Power Tactics" ($20.00 value).  This slick little manual reveals a pair of advanced strategies that can mean big profits in otherwise hopeless investment situations.  I have a copy waiting for you if you order today!

Last Chance!

      I know that your purchase is a leap of faith.  It indicates you truly do have the heart of an entrepreneur.  You're my kind of person, so I will welcome you into the Cash Flow Institute Investor Club.  That means you will be entitled to the following:

   * You will receive a The Power Letter    subscription - My   monthly email profit letter ($50.00 value).
   * Your email address will be added to the CFI
list. I periodically email tips and alerts ($25.00 value).
   * You will be authorized to email your investing questions to us.   Maybe we can help ($75.00 value).

These are exclusive services for CFI Investor Club Members.

"A Value Packed Package of 
Wealth Builders!"

      Take a good hard look at the huge package of money-making tools you will own for about the price of dinner and a movie...just $59.97 or $49.97 for the ebook.

1.   "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System"  manual.
2. "Liens and Deeds" manual ($20.00 value).
"Two Investing Power Tactics" manual ($20.00 value).
Subscription to CFI "Power Letter" ($50.00 value).     
Email Question Authorization ($75.00 value).
CFI Investor Alerts ($25.00 value).
A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! (Priceless)
7. A low cost home business with unlimited profit  potential.

 $190.00 worth of FREE bonuses if you order today!

        There!  Youíve heard my story and now itís up to you. Are you going to invest in yourself and stamp-out your money worries? Have you been in a financial rut too long?  Shock those around you and start a bold, new life - right now -  with just one click!


"Million Dollar Foreclosure System"             

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