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"Land Contracts!"

"Real Estate's Amazing
Secret Weapon!

    A powerful way to be successful in real estate investing is to do what others can't.  That's exactly what you will learn to do in "How To Profit With Land Contracts!"

          Here's the problem.... and the huge opportunity.  Real estate loans are very easy to get right now.  Home buyers can finance a home with from zero to 5% down.  Plus, and you've  seen the ads, you can refinance a home for up to 125% of its value!    

         On top of that, it has never been easier to qualify for a loan.  There's a home loan program for almost any one who is breathing!   

         So What?  Well, the downside is two-fold.  Thousands of people who can't really afford a home are falling for the easy money deals.  That means thousands of people have little or no equity in their homes!  

         Wham!  If they are hit with even a minor financial crises many have no way to make the mortgage payments.  Thousands are willing to just up and walk away from their homes.

         What happens when the economy gets bad....LIKE NOW? Tens of thousands of people need to unload their homes right this minute.  They're motivated and desperate, BUT THEY HAVE NO EQUITY!  

        Do you think "How To Profit With Land Contracts!" might offer a way to help these folks and make money while you do?  Keep reading!! This program is similar to lease option, owner financing, lease purchase, and lease to own courses, but yet very unique in and of itself!

"Do What Others Can't!"

        The ordinary real investor who has bought all the books and gone to all the seminars has been brainwashed to do one thing.  Find a seller who has a large equity in his property and convince him to sell his home for 25% to 45% below market value, with no money down?

       Are they crazy?  How often do you think that happens?  Once in 5-thousand times?   That's why most beginners just give up in frustration.  They have been sent on a mission impossible!  

       What do you suppose these poor souls do when they find a homeowner who has no equity?  They hang up on him, that's what they do!

Have you spotted the opportunity?

"No Equity - Big Profits!"

         If you had a system for buying no-equity homes could you absolutely clean-up?  Oh my, YES!  Think about it... you would have almost no competition, because darn few investors know the secret of putting together no equity deals.

        Can you imagine how many thousands of people facing foreclosure have no equity?  Just think how excited they'll be when you contact them and say, "No Equity? - No Problem!"  

         Everyone else has been saying no, no, no!  You'll be able to say yes, yes, yes... sign here!  You'll make an instant friend.

        Will it knock your socks off when a few of these people will even just hand you a deed for their home and say, "Take it. I just want to get out of here!"

        Most of these no-equity folks will be thrilled to listen to your proposition for getting them out of the house and out from under their killer mortgage payments.

        I bet you're wondering how anybody could save a no-equity homeowner?  Well, that's exactly what you'll learn in  "How To Profit With Land Contracts!"  And you'll know how to put money in your pocket with every deal!

"Proven Profit System!"

    In the pages of "How To Profit With Land Contracts!" you'll learn a system for profiting with no-equity properties using land contracts and land trusts.  Hold on!  This is not complicated!

    The trick is to buy those no-equity homes subject to with a land trust and sell them on with a land contract.  Just three easy steps that you will quickly understand and learn to love!

    It's a system that puts quick money into your pocket and provides you with attractive monthly income, too.  All because you'll be able to do what others can't!

     Once you spend a little time studying the manual you will find it's a "cookie cutter" system.  Just do the same basic deal time after time.   You'll be overjoyed to discover that there is a never ending supply of no-equity homeowners eager for your help.

"Key To Success!"

As so many other successful people have learned, one of the major secrets of success is to find something that really works - master it - then do it over and over and over.

      McDonald's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut and so many other businesses are perfect examples of that ageless wisdom.

      Now, with "How To Profit With Land Contracts!" you'll have the proven system that will unleash a flood of continuing profits.  

     Please understand  that you must do some research on the laws effecting land contracts and land trusts in your state.  You may need the help of an attorney to fine-tune your system.  The manual will be your guide, so it will be some of the most profitable time you've ever spent!  You'll become the no-equity expert in your area.


"30-Day Money Back Guarantee!"

   NOTICE!   I want to make you a No Risk Offer! If you will order "How To Profit With Land Contracts!" right now, before you lose track of this Web site, I will give you an 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee!

    All I ask is that you spend three months putting the plan into action.  Don't just read the manual.  Take what you learn  and start building your future!  It's fun to be successful and make money.   I know you can do it!   

    We have created this powerful manual in E-BOOK  or on CD form.  No special skill or software is needed.  After your purchase Ebook you may immediately click to download the e-book.  Save it to your desktop, double click on the icon and the e-book opens ready to be read. If you purchase the book on CD, we will send it by Priority Mail same day!  



       "How To Profit with LAND CONTRACTS"

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