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During the next eight years you will see "the greatest real estate investing boom in history".  That's what top economic experts are predicting.  All types of real estate values will skyrocket!

         This is your chance!  You can make big money working just 3 or 4 hours per week if you will follow my exciting formula.  It's easy with my plan.  I first discovered the wealth magic of nice little rental homes over 25-years ago.  I've learned exactly how you can make as much money as you want with the ordinary houses you find down every street in your town.

        I'm ready now to pass on to you the formula for financial success that's almost so simple you won't believe it.  Exactly how you buy, rent and sell homes for eye-opening profits. 

       Start in your spare time.  If you have a little money it helps, but I'll show you ways to get around the lack of cash.  If I've done it....  if thousands of others have done it.... so can you!

      Here's the deal.  I've gathered all of my hard earned, successful experience and built it into a powerful system so now anyone can make serious money in real estate.

"The No Risk Investment!"


  "Single Family Homes - The No Risk Investment!" That's the title of the powerful manual that presents this easy to follow, step-by-step plan for profitably buying, renting and selling nice little single family homes & eventually owning them free and clear!

   And yes, sometimes you will find a no money down deal! But the real secret is to just control homes through low down, no down or options.  Then good things start to happen.

   Darned if I know why, but most people just won't open their minds to the truly amazing, opportunity in rental homes and real estate investing.  Even though it has made so many others rich! 

    Look, it really gets my goat when I read some of the material that is being sold on TV to folks who want to make money in real estate investing. Most if it is just pie-in-the-sky stuff wrapped in a hyped-up package designed to separate you from your cash.

    You've seen those late night infomercials that promise you can be making thousands of dollars within a couple of months after you buy their material. Ha! In fact, double ha!!

Sure you can make a lot of money in real estate investing; I've made plenty. But, it doesn't come fast and easy. You know the old saying, "I did it the old fashioned way. I earned it!" Now that's the truth.

     If you are willing to work for it, I can show you how you can reach financial independence investing in single family homes. It's simple, but not easy!  You have to put in the 3 or 4 hours weekly.

"Spare Time Wealth!"

    Single family rental home investing is perfect for those of us who live in the real world. You probably have a full time job, perhaps a family and other obligations. That leaves you with just a limited amount of time for you to make money through real estate investing.

    Hey, I feel your pain! I was in the same boat when I started making money in real estate! And that's what makes my single family rental home investing plan the ideal wealth builder. Here's how it works:

   If you will just devote 3 or 4 hours every week to the strategy I explain in "Single Family Homes ~ The No Risk Investment" well, you can't fail & you will start to make money through real estate!

   Like so many others, you really can achieve financial independence through real estate investing. Instantly? Of course not! But, I'll show you how to get there if you will just spend a little time each week working the plan.

"Why Single Family Homes?"

Think about this for a minute. Single family homes are everywhere. It's easy to find and establish values for homes. You will learn ways to easily determine the fair market value of a home, but you'll soon be able to take a quick look at a house and the neighborhood what it should sell for.

    Single family homes are easy to buy and sell. The legal documents and procedures for buying and selling have been developed over the years, so that now anyone can do it.

    Real Estate Investing is a proven path to financial success.  If others have done it so can you!  And now's the golden moment!

    Plus there is lots of dependable, inexpensive help available to make it even easier, like real estate brokers and escrow officers. This system will lead you through all of that. No sweat!

"You Already Know Plenty!"

Banks and financial institutions are lining up to hand over mortgage money for good homes.  Did you get that? The big money guys love to lend money on homes because they are a rock solid investment!

    Listen!  If homes are good for the big guys, doesn't it follow that you should take the hint and get on board. You bet! "Single Family Homes ~ The No Risk Investment" system shows you exactly how to do that.

"Renters Want Good Homes!"

    This is important.  You want tenants who will make you rich without bothering you with minor problems. And, believe it or not, this plan will do exactly that!  You'll love this part!

    Single family homes grow in value. This is so sweet! Right now, you can buy a home with a FHA loan for about zero to a 3% down payment. That's $zero to $3,000 on a $100,000 home!

    Can you believe that? You can control a $100,000 asset with  $zero to $3,000 in up front cash. Believe me that is just not possible with any other sensible investment. That's the kind of leverage that will rocket your progress towards financial freedom!

    Listen to that again!  "Institutions are lining up to loan you hundreds of thousands of dollars!"  That just doesn't happen with any other investment. That's why so many small real estate investors have gotten rich investing in sweet little rental homes.  

    The Single Family Homes manual(CD or Ebook) will show you how to buy with a minimum of your own cash and then the tenant's rent will more than make the mortgage payments. Get it?  Tenants can make you rich!

    But that's not all. While the tenant is paying down your mortgage, adding a little to your net worth every month, the value of the home is increasing. Debt goes down, value goes up!

    In our rich economy good homes in good neighborhoods have a history of climbing in value every year. Your net worth goes right up, too. On top of all of that you get a nice little chunk of tax shelter every year.  Don't you just love that !


"Get Rich While You Sleep!"

Pay attention now.    The key is to just keep at it!  Persist in working the Single Family Homes plan for a few hours each week.  Soon you'll have a nice little collection of homes.  And POW!....they'll just sit there making you a little richer every minute of every day ~ even while you sleep!  Kicking out money that you can put into your pocket!

    I want to make sure you don't miss this simple concept, so I'm going to say it again!

    "All you have to do to reach financial freedom is buy one or two nice houses each year for the next five to seven years ~ in your spare time! You will then control about one million dollars in real estate assets!"

    At that point, the four benefits of home investing become astounding:

* Renters are paying down each mortgage. 
* The value of each home is increasing.
* Your tax shelter is becoming more meaningful. 
* Rent increases are giving you more spendable cash.   * Near zero management with my plan.

    Combine all of those financial benefits and you will find that you are getting at least a 14% return on the total value of the homes you own. What's 14% of one million dollars?

    How does $140,000 per year sound? Yes, that's how your net worth can grow every year with this simple, little single family home, real estate investing plan.

"Find Bargain Homes!"

    Can you really do that? Yes, you can! All across the country, a dedicated army of small investors is hard at work building wealth with single family rental homes. 

    These are just ordinary people making their dreams come true one little deal at a time. If they can do it, so can you! This easy to follow system will be your detailed guide.

    With your copy of "Single Family Homes - The No Risk Investment" you will learn that you make your profit when you buy. If you don't make a good purchase, you won't be able to get to positive cash flow and positive cash flow is a must! 

    It's real simple when you think about it. You want money coming into your pocket, not going out of it!

    With the system, you will know exactly how to find the sellers that are motivated to help you buy their homes. You will find that they may loan you money, or sell to you below market value, or allow you to delay paying them the purchase price and many other profitable techniques. 

    Some call this creative real estate investing.  I call it smart  investing. These are the gems of knowledge I picked up from dozens of different sources over the years.

Yes, there really are people who are anxious to give you a good deal. Maybe they've lost their job, or been transferred, or are getting a divorce, or any one of a dozen other unfortunate situations. 

    They need to sell their home right now! They'll help you solve their problem if you will just show them how it can be done.  

    That's what this plan cleverly explains.

    You can buy and manage homes very nicely in just three to four hours every week. This is a practical real estate investing plan designed for someone like you with a busy life. 

    The plan allows you to slowly but surely move towards financial independence, while still attending to your normal responsibilities.  

    This is a "sleep good" real estate investing plan, because it gives you nothing to worry about!

"The Money Just Gushes In?"

Get rich quick? Oh, no! It takes a year or two to get rolling. But it is a step-by-step, can't fail plan that stresses low risk real estate investing. 

        You'll never get an ulcer with this system.   Anyone can do it young or old, male or female.

    The difficult job in constructing any real estate investing plan is doing it the first time. That's when you go through the school of hard knocks. I've done that for you. Now you can just fire-up the system and get to work!

    "Single Family Homes ~ The No Risk Investment" is a complete, easy to understand system for profitably buying and renting single family homes. I've packed it with the details of the practical system I've developed over the years, so that you can avoid the mistakes I made. 

    Others sell pie-in-the-sky information for hundreds of dollars; I am offering you this opportunity for the price of a nice dinner and a movie. Hey, you spend more than this on sneakers, so don't tell me you can't afford to invest in your future.

    Let me assure you this is a complete step-by-step plan that will quickly guide you up Success Avenue. Everything is in the manual. You don't need any prior education. You won't have to buy anything else. Once you've got it, well you've got it all!

"You Are Worth It!"

What is the first thing an investor like you should do? Invest in yourself! That's exactly what you will do when you pump yourself up with these new methods, exciting ideas, innovative techniques and profitable strategies. 

    Here's what I feel certain "Single Family Homes - The No Risk Investment" can do for you: 
* Empower you with a lifetime, money-making skill
* Transform you into a confident, self-reliant investor.
* Admit you into the exclusive circle of the successful.
* All you to earn the respect of family and friends.
* Gain  "you did it  yourself" satisfaction. 

    The wonder of the American system is that amazing opportunity is there for anyone who will work for it. Each entrepreneur's success contributes to the well being of hundreds of others. You will truly be contributing to society and that is something you will be very proud of!

Money Back Guarantee!"

   NOTICE!  Since this is a no risk system, I want to make you a No Risk Offer! If you will order the single family rental home system right now, before you lose track of this web site, I will give you a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee!

    All I ask is that you spend three months putting the plan into action.  Don't just read the manual.  Take what you learn  and start building your future!  It's fun to be successful and make money.  All it takes is 3 or 4 hours per week.  I know you can do it!


I want to be sure you will say "YES" to this offer so here's a .... 


    If you will order right now, I will include, at no extra charge, my exclusive manual titled "House Sharing for Cash Flow"
This is powerful information for the person who wants maximum cash flow as soon as possible. It is the perfect partner for the Single Family Homes manual. It is knowledge that every real estate investor should have in his/her bag of tricks.

    Remember when I said that it is vital that you only do things that cause money to flow into your pocket and not out of it? "House Sharing for Cash Flow" does exactly that. Plus, it is a technique that could bail you out of a tight financial spot, if needed. Yours as FREE BONUS #1 when you order today!

      FREE BONUS #2!

    When you order now, I will give you a free copy of "The Investor's Dictionary of Real Estate Terms". This is a great help to any investor. Just reading a few pages of this dictionary every day is like an advanced education in real estate investing.  

    Order right now and I will include it in your big package!  Like everything else we offer this is an exclusive publication of the Cash Flow Institute.  Not available in stores, you can't get it at Amazon.  You can only get it here and now.  And look...


   #3.  We love people who are striving to succeed, so when your order you will become a member of the Cash Flow Investor's Club.

   #4.  Members receive a CFI Power Letter email subscription to keep you on track and motivated.

   #5.  Your name will be added to the CFI Investor Alert list.  Fast breaking profit news by email alerts.

   #6.  You will receive our private email address where you may send questions for quick answers.

   #7.  Periodic special offers and discounts.



"Single Family Homes, The No Risk Investment""             

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