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WARNING: These are the "secrets" the most successful 
real estate investors DON'T want you to know...

Learn the SECRETS of how to earn Thousands of Extra Dollars a MONTH investing in real estate  WITHOUT having to go to a $5,000 Boot Camp?

Over the years has offered investing courses packed with techniques that successful investors have been raving about. When you put many of our techniques together you find yourself with the most powerful tools currently working today.

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So, for the first time ever, we are offering 12 of our most popular, nationally best-selling power courses in one Big, Awesome, MONEY-SAVING Package! You will be filled with a new confidence with all the profit building techniques you'll have at your finger tips. All of these courses will be rushed to you on CD ROM so you can print hardcopies or study them from your computer screen.

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SAVE $204.78

The profit power packed into this DANDY DOZEN can turn you into the next real estate investing American Idol:

1. "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System"

 Our exclusive real estate investing system that should be subtitled "The Painless Way to Pre-Foreclosure Profits".  It's built around a unique direct marketing plan that has troubled homeowners calling you.  They call because you can help them - and make startling profits while you do.

 Once you understand the system it can produce steady cash flow.  The plan is  perfect for a part-time real estate investor.   Good times or bad, there is always a fortune waiting in pre-foreclosures.

SAVE $204.78

2. "Short Sales"

 Did you know that often a lender will allow you to pay off a mortgage at a 50% to 80% discount?  Yes, it's true!  Right now, because there are so many properties facing foreclosure, lenders just don't want to take back homes.   You must know exactly how to convince them that they will be better off discounting a loan rather than taking back a home.

That's what you'll learn in "Short Sales - A Guide For Foreclosure  Investors".

SAVE $204.78

3. "Sub2 & Lease/Options - The Investor's 1-2 Punch"

Learn how you almost always want to first try to buy a property "subject to" the existing financing. If the owner won't agree to that you move to a lease option offer.

It's just that simple. Both are powerful - both can be very profitable. Both can be good for both investor and home seller.   This manual fully describes this 1-2 punch and provides you with a complete portfolio of sample contracts, agreements and documents.

 It zeros in on the essential knowledge needed to do deals safely and profitably. It is short and to the point. At the same time it warns of the pitfalls you must avoid when using Sub2 & Lease/Options

SAVE $204.78    

4. "90 Real Estate Forms!"

 We call this "THE BIG COLLECTION"!  Over 90 essential real estate forms, agreements, documents and contracts.  Good deals don't wait for the investor to rummage through a file cabinet trying to find the forms needed to cash in on a choice deal. 

You need every cutting edge document right there at your fingertips.  That's exactly what you get with 'THE BIG COLLECTION" of over 90 ready to use, real estate forms. 


SAVE $204.78

 5."Postcard Power"

CFI is excited to offer, for the first time, our very own real estate investing marketing system.  If you've had trouble finding motivated sellers then stop right now and read more about this effective and affordable marketing plan!

In this smash hit new manual on CD we give real estate investors step-by-step instructions on using an amazing automated, online service that will hold your mailing list, maintain all of your postcards... and now get this, the service will PRINT, INCLUDE POSTAGE and MAIL YOUR POSTCARDS for about the SAME COST as POSTCARD POSTAGE alone!  NO SET UP CHARGE! NO MONTHLY FEE!  $1 minimum per shipment (Cheap!) 

SAVE $204.78

6. "Profits in Probates"

 When someone dies without a will the estate must pass through probate. That means a Probate Court will take control of the estate and oversee the distribution of the deceased's assets. Each year over ONE MILLION estates are probated. The process takes about three years. That means there are over THREE MILLION estates in probate right now!   Most of those estates have probate real estate. Hundreds of thousands of homes that must be sold!

Most estates are forced to sell their probate real estate FAST! Why? Because of estate taxes, that's why! The government grabs a big chunk of most estates and Uncle Sam demands to be paid RIGHT NOW! The heirs are truly motivated and many need to sell FAST!


  SAVE $204.78

                        7. "Last Great Real Estate Secret"

 Yes you really can find free real estate in most every part of the  United States.  Seem too good to be true?  I felt the same way until I did a great deal of research.  Here's the deal... every year property is abandoned by owners.

Here's the manual that tells the real estate investor exactly how to find and claim abandoned property using the power of "adverse possession".  CFI was one of the first to discover this remarkable opportunity and this is the only publication that contains our official system.  You should have it!        

         SAVE $204.78

                             8. "HUD Home Secrets"

     HUD has been foreclosing on homes at a near record rate!  They have a huge inventory of homes they must sell.  If this sounds like an opportunity to you here's a warning.  A large percentage of these homes are sold for more than market value!  Yes, people actually pay too much and they do it time after time.

 There certainly are bargains available, but you better know what you're doing before you try to find them.  Here's the manual with the secret to determining how to formulate a winning bid.  With this information you will join the handful of investors who know how to play the game.

                                                       SAVE $204.78

                             9. "Land Contracts"

 Every real estate investor should understand the value of land contracts.  There are many ways to use them.  Example: An owner will agree to carry back a loan when he sells you a home, but he won't want to give you a deed until you've paid what you owe him.  A land contract secures both of your interests in this deal.  That's just one of the many examples of the power of land contracts.    

                                                     SAVE $204.78

                10. "How Real Estate Investors Can Pay ZERO TAXES"

Real estate is one of the few investments where you can make an incredible amount of money and never pay capital gain taxes on your profits.   That is.... you pay zero taxes if you know how to legally avoid them.  It's another example of where a little knowledge can save you tens-of-thousands of dollars in taxes that you just don't have to ever pay.... if you understand how the tax laws grant you special favors.  That's exactly what you'll find in CFI's "How Real Estate Investors Can Pay Zero Taxes".      
SAVE $204.78

11. "The Best Real Estate Investment Nobody Knows About!"

This system is perfect for real estate investors with busy lives.  Learn how to find desirable rental houses quickly.  (You can acquire more homes in a shorter amount of time.  Find a profitable home in 7-days or less with this system.)  Discover how to determine the home with the best value.  Have tenants jumping through hoops to live in your properties.  Learn how the system eliminates 98% of your maintenance/repair responsibility.  You can do all this while buying with as little down payment as possible.


                                            SAVE $204.78

   12. "Single Family Homes, The No Risk Investment" 

Here's an easy to follow, step-by-step plan for profitably buying, renting and selling single family homes. Devote two or three hours every week and you just can't fail!

The Single Family Homes manual will show you how to buy with a minimum of your own cash and then the tenant's rent will more than make the mortgage payments. Get it? Tenants can make you rich! 

                                                    SAVE $204.78 


  Let's Throw In Some Bonuses!!!

Free Bonus #1!

            Let me help you make up your mind by offering to include a copy of my exclusive manual "Liens and Deeds" ($20.00 value). This is a short course in understanding the liens and deeds that every real estate investor will encounter at some time.

      This information can not only give you an edge when buying and selling real estate, but is knowledge you must have to avoid legal entanglements.  I have written this especially for you and you will find it nowhere else.

Free Bonus #2

     You are a tough nut to crack, so one more enticement.  Order right now and I will include "Two Investing Power   Tactics" ($20.00 value).  This slick little manual reveals a pair of advanced strategies that can mean big profits in otherwise hopeless investment  situations.  A copy's waiting for you if you order today!

Free Bonus #3

    Wait, there's more!  If you will order right now, I will include a Free Bonus copy of my profit manual "Go Where The Money Is!" ($20.00 value).   

   This manual lays out a clever plan for buying investment real estate outside of your home area.  It is a practical system that lets you go where the bargains are.  Valuable to any investor, but especially for those living in areas with limited opportunity.  This can open up a gold mine of potential profits!

Free Bonus #4

   And to make this just too good to pass up, you will receive "Mini-Storage Auction Profits" ($20.00 value).  This little gem of a manual targets a surprising method for making some extra money in your spare time.  It is something you're not
   aware of and yet you will find it to be fun and profitable. 

Free Bonus #5

    If you will order right now, I will include, at no extra charge, my exclusive manual titled "House Sharing for Cash Flow"
($20.00 value)
This is powerful information for the person who wants maximum cash flow as soon as possible. It is the perfect partner for the Single Family Homes manual. It is knowledge that every real estate investor should have in his/her bag of tricks.

    Remember when I said that it is vital that you only do things that cause money to flow into your pocket and not out of it? "House Sharing for Cash Flow" does exactly that. Plus, it is a technique that could bail you out of a tight financial spot, if needed. 

Free Bonus #6

    When you order now, I will give you a free copy of "Real Estate Terminology" ($20.00 value). This is a great help to any investor. Just reading a few pages of this   dictionary every day is like an advanced education in real estate investing.  

    Order right now and I will include it in your big package!  Like everything else we offer this is an exclusive publication of the Cash Flow Institute.  Not available in stores, you can't get it at Amazon.  You can only get it here and now.  And look...

Free Bonus #7

        If you will order right now, with our secure, Internet order system, I will include a free copy of "How You Can Find Unclaimed Wealth" ($20.00 value).  This is a
   little known plan that explains how you can find cash, property and other wealth that has been left in the hands of the government, banks and large companies... and no one has claimed it.  There may be something there you are entitled to.  

        You can learn how to quickly do searches from your computer and find unclaimed wealth for yourself and others.  Some even turn this into a business.  

 Free Bonus #8

       To insure that this is an offer you can't resist, here is another Free Bonus!  If you order now I will include a free copy of "Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors!" ($20.00 
   value) This is my collection of powerful investing strategies that can be like gold in your wealth building plan.

        I recommend you read through this nifty manual once or twice every year, so you are reminded of all the powerful tactics.

  It has taken me years to collect these and they are yours free, but you must order now!



"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your Foreclosure Manual. I rarely have high expectations when I buy inexpensive materials on the net but your information was powerful, simple and complete. My extra bonus was that your information is written from the perspective of an investor. I am a small business owner, investor and realtor in  AZ.

THANKS guys!" 
David G


"The most straightforward, useful, and cost-effective guide I've encountered for dealing with distressed borrower situations. On my first deal, I was able to gain the respect and trust of the homeowner, and deal intelligently with the lender." 
                                                   Jim B. Corvallis, OR


"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKS YOU! For the first time in my life I'm putting my money into material that is real and isn't a let down when I close the last page. No fluff is what you offer and I need that in my life and for my financial education and success. Please feel free to use my testimony because I am sincere in my thanks for the wonderful, factual and beneficial books and information you have provided to me. It is truly cash-flow producing books and information." 

Venus W 
San Pablo, CA

Here's the list of items you will receive with the Success Pack...

1. "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System"

2. "Short Sales"

3. "Sub2 & Lease/Options - 
    The Investor's 1-2 Punch"

4. "90 Real Estate Forms!"

5. "Postcard Power"

6. "Profits in Probates"

7. "Last Great Real Estate Secret"

8. "HUD Home Secrets"

9. "Land Contracts"

10. "How Real Estate Investors 
      Can Pay ZERO TAXES"

11. "The Best Real Estate Investment 
      Nobody Knows About!"

12. "Single Family Homes, 
      The No Risk Investment" 

13. "Liens and Deeds"

14. "Two Investing Power Tactics"

15. "Go Where The Money Is!" 

16. "Mini-Storage Auction Profits"

17. "House Sharing for Cash Flow"

18. "Real Estate Terminology"

19. "How You Can Find Unclaimed Wealth"

20. "Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors!" 

21. When you order I will welcome you as  a FREE member of the "Cash Flow Institute Investor Club"!

22. You will be receiving by email "The Power Letter" newsletter with Tips and Techniques to help you make money!

23. Plus, I will add your email address to the "CFI Investor Alert" list.  From time to time I will send tips and alerts to keep you on track and motivated.

24. You will receive periodic special offers and discounts.

These courses are available individually on our website at

If you buy them all individually they would cost $501.78. 

Now here's the exciting news!  If you buy them now, during this Special Offer, your investment is just

Yes, you get the enitre dandy dozen!  A big, power packed package of CD ROMs at a price that is simply delicious. 


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(Save $204.78!)

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