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Brad Martineau's, "The Complete Package," is a simple, concise, and realistic approach to investing that simply anyone can follow. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, you will gleen valuable insights from his program and experience.

Steve F. ~ Oregon

After reading "Single Family Homes ~ The No Risk Investment" and learning the techniques you have outlined, I have purchased my very first house! I can't believe this day has finally come in my life! I can't begin to tell you what the information I received from you has meant to me and my family. I think everyone should read this book to help them achieve what I have! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you!

Carlene M. ~ Kentucky

I just purchased a GREAT house and it's all because of what I learned in the book, "The Best Real Estate Investment Nobody Knows About". I am just moving into my new house now and am writing to let you know that it has already gone up in value since I first made the offer! With the insight I learned in your book, I was able to purchase a really nice house in a desirable neighborhood that will continue to go up in value. Plus, it hardly took me anytime at all to find this great house. You have really helped me make my dreams come true! With the skills I now have, I'm going to buy more houses.

Robin D. ~ Maryland

I would like to purchase copies of "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" for use in my classroom. I've been teaching various real estate classes at college for the past 4-1/2 years and I have never seen a book as concise as your when it comes to investing in distressed property. Please accept this handshake in writing!

Christopher P. ~ Hopkinsville, KY

I was able to purchase my first house in a long time based on the information I learned in "Single Family Homes ~ The No Risk Investment". This information is so powerful that I'm sharing it with my family and friends. I've studied many systems and I can tell you that this one is the most practical and showed me step by step how to set up my financial foundation ensuring me a very bright future. For anyone looking to invest in real estate, this is the first book they should read!

Duane R. ~ Utah

I just finished reading your wonderful book, "The Last Great Real Estate Secret", which clearly outlines how to acquire free real estate by way of a little known technique. What a revelation! Finally, a book that speaks in layman terms explaining the necessary steps required in obtaining property. Never before have I read a book that so eloquently explains each and every step necessary to achieve the goal of securing property with little or no money down. Each chapter is laid out in a clear and concise manner, not embossed in a bunch of legalese that only the sharpest lawyer could understand.

This is not one of those "get rich quick" schemes that leave you feeling ripped off because the most exacting conditions didn't exist. Rather, this "secret" is just the opposite, as it requires good old fashioned research, perseverance and yes, rolling up your sleeves and learning the nuts and bolts of this money making technique and then applying it so you can start making money work for YOU!

As the book itself says, "effort is the price of opportunity", and I can't wait to make this incredible opportunity happen for me.

Steve Q. ~ Fremont, California

I recently received your book, "The Complete guide to Judgment Investing", and found it HIGHLY INFORMATIVE! Thanks!


I am writing to you concerning your book, "The Best Real Estate Investment Nobody Knows About." I have never been as excited about my future until now. What a fabulous book with so many great ideas. The financing chapter was especially helpful. I've never been too good with numbers but that chapter spelled everything out clearly and simply. And as an added bonus, chapter 10 on the Internet sites, FREE mind you, was a special touch. I will be implementing the ideas from this publication into my investment planning right away. A real winner in every way! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Frank W. ~ Portland, ME

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It is with great excitement that I write to you regarding your Publication, "The Last Great Real Estate Secret"! What a pleasure it is in this day of recycled, reconstituted and easily plagiarized Internet information to actually read something new and fresh regarding the business of real estate.

It seems as though every week I see the same old infomercials on television hawking their so-called "tried and true" methods of get rich quick Real Estate schemes. True, you book is not quite in that vein, but it does explain, in simple step by step procedures, how to legally and most importantly morally acquire real estate in a method totally unheard of by me before. In just a short time, it is truly possible to fulfill my dream of achieving the American Dream of owning real estate. I will happily endorse your book and methods to others.

Patrick L. ~ San Ramon, California

I ordered your manual, "The Million Dollar Foreclosure System", of which I received a few days before the sale of foreclosure property on the steps of the Pima County Courthouse here in Tucson. If I had known about the various strategies for obtaining property via your methods, I could have closed on a 6-figure piece of property in an exclusive neighborhood. I'm not bitter, I am enlightened, and your manual has lifted me, and made me more aware of the profit potential you explain in your manual.

Arlington K. ~ Tucson, Arizona

I am very pleased with your manual, "The Last Great Real Estate Secret". It seems to be comprehensive and well put together. On the basis of my satisfactory dealings with your company, I definitely would purchase from you again! Thank you.

Margaret Reed ~ Marysville, California

"The Complete Guide To Judgment Investing". We've advertised this next opportunity before and have received nothing but FAVORABLE reports from subscribers that got involved. YOU can buy judgments for 10 cents on the dollar and make a mint! It takes a little work and a lot of running around, but it can be done ~ AND it's profitable with a capital P!

Business Opportunity Digest
Established 1963 ~ Dalton, GA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for writing, "The Last Great Real Estate Secret". This is, indeed, a way to make money that I was not aware of until I read your book. This is an excellent investment opportunity, and with the clear and precise way you explain the process, anybody who is interested in making money can do so using your methods.

Also, the bonus section on becoming a homestead advisor was a pleasant surprise, and is in itself worth the cost of the book. Again, many thanks for sharing your money making secrets with others and myself.

Craig L. ~ Livermore, California

I have seen many manuals, but "The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing" has to be the BEST documented system I've seen. It goes into all the details and gives you examples of all the forms, letters, legal documents and whatever else you need. It is well worth the asking price.

Dave Roman ~ Roman Reports

"The Million Dollar Foreclosure System" is the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of the subject I've ever read; nothing left out. Anyone can make money with these directions.

C.H. Cobb ~ Winona, Mississippi

"The Last Great Real Estate Secret" was an excellent read. Easy to understand, it explained principles which could make anyone money! It's so obvious the strategies outlined have been researched and practiced by the author, and it's hard to imagine anyone not benefiting from reading this book.

James H. ~ Phoenix, Arizona

I had heard that opportunities in acquiring real estate were real, I just didn't know how or what to do to get started. "The Last Great Real Estate Secret" gave me enough information to get moving. This is the "how-to" I was looking for and this knowledge is saving me countless hours that I have now put to work finding acquirable property!

Steve C. ~ Pleasanton, California

"The Best Real Estate Investment Nobody Knows About" is an excellent follow-up to "The Last Great Real Estate Secret". This book delves even further into the inner-financial workings of a real estate deal, as it pertains to potential rental properties. This book also gives you the confidence to realize the possibility of owning a new or nearly new property that at once seemed impossible and in how doing so, works greatly to one's advantage when attracting potential renters.

Impressive as well, was the detail the author goes into helping one to determine what is best for their individual situation, with regards to general amenities and fancier upgrades in a potential property. This book also contains excellent examples of the many facets of home buying, replete with copies of actual documents to familiarize a first-time home buyer with the entire process from start to finish. A must read for any current, or potential landlord.

Gerry Masterson ~ Provo, UT

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