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No Money Down Real Estate Investing! 

* No Cash or Credit Needed *  
* Perfect for Preforeclosures &  Fixer-Uppers *
* Perfect for Flipping for Fast Cash *


"Subject To" and Lease-Option            Real Estate Secrets!


"NO MONEY DOWN"        

          Yes, controlling real estate "subject to" existing financing or with a lease and option is exactly what very successful investors are doing right now... Often with NO MONEY DOWN!

          Since there are no more freely assumable mortgages this is the way to buy investment homes with little or no cash needed for down payments. 

        How can that be possible?

         It's all very simple once you have a firm grasp of the buying power found with "subject to" and lease-option tactics.

        When you buy a property "subject to" the current mortgage loan it just means that you don't get new financing....  You just leave the existing loan in place and take over the payments.  Then you quickly rent the property and let the renter make the payments.

        Isn't that sweet... no money down and someone else makes your mortgage payments?


        Is it legal?  It sure is and it's a tactic that's been used by experienced real estate investors for years.  It's just that few people know how to do it correctly.  

       There are some traps that you must avoid and I will explain exactly how to do that in my powerful investing course.

        What about leases and options?  Why are they so important to successful investing?

        When used correctly they give you incredible power to control and profit from homes and small apartment buildings.

        Look at a few of the benefits of these two powerful investing tactics...

         NO CREDIT CHECKS - These real estate buying techniques work for anyone, because you will never have to try and qualify for a mortgage loan.  That means that if you have lousy credit... who cares!  With no loans to qualify for there will be no credit checks.

           NO MONEY DOWN - Using these tactics you can often do "no money down deals".  Just follow the lead of other smart investors and deal only with very motivated sellers.  They seldom ask for immediate cash.  They just want to get out from under those monthly mortgage payments. I'm sure you've known people who have felt that way.  

           FAST FLIP FOR FAST CASH - Think about it!  No money down, no loans... that means you can get any property under contract and quickly sell it to another investor for fast cash.  Plenty of people make a nice living doing nothing but fast flips.  

             How do you find investors to buy your properties?  Easy!  Just respond to every "I Buy Houses" ad you see in the classified section of your newspaper and you will find people with money who will jump at the chance to buy your flips.

          FIXER PROPERTY - Yes... now you can lease a fixer property with a purchase option, then buy or sell it after finishing the rehab.   The original seller gets a small token lease payment only and gets his pay-off when you sell the house. That's when you collect your fat profit.  It takes much of the risk out of rehabbing!

          PREFORECLOSURE HOMES -  Buy'em no money down "subject to" the existing financing (that means you don't need a new loan).  Immediately offer the home on a lease-option and use the option consideration cash to bring the foreclosing loan current.  Don't worry... it's all explained in the course!

            Yeow!... Did you just notice how you can control a house with none of your own cash invested? POWERFUL!


          Is there any catch to owning this course?  Only one!

         We both know that not every person who invests in this course will reach financial independence.   See... I've learned that many people don't really want to be successful if it means they have to spend a few hours each week doing something besides watching TV!

         Since you've read this far I know that you really are motivated to change your life for the better and....

          Here's the truth... others have made serious money with these investing techniques and so can YOU.  That is you can... IF you will just spend a few hours each week putting into practice what the course teaches.  

         Now that's not too much to ask of yourself, is it?


         You sure can't say that I'm greedy!  I've priced this very valuable information at a price even a person drawing unemployment can afford!...

         You don't have to spend $3,000 for a guru seminar or "boot camp". You don't have to devote years to study and learning...

         In the current real estate environment you can be very successful if you understand how to do deals using "subject to" and lease-option tactics....

                                     No Credit!

                                     Little or no cash needed.

                                     Effective for any type of property

                                     Cookie cutter easy

                                     Large profits possible

                                     Basic paper work

          Don't be confused by that howling army of TV pitchmen trying to sell you dozens of high priced books, courses and seminars. Right now it's "subject to" and "lease-option" offers that are getting the money. Learn that and get ready to rumble!


         Cash Flow Institute has combined these two techniques into one knockout course that explains "subject to" and lease-option tactics in detail. 

"Sub2 & Lease/Options - The Investor's 1-2 Punch" teaches how you almost always want to first try to buy a property "subject to" the existing financing. 

      If the owner won't agree to that you move to a lease option offer. It's just that simple. Both are powerful - both can be very profitable. Both can be good for both investor and home seller.

          This new manual on CD ROM  fully describes this 1-2 punch and provides you with a complete portfolio of sample contracts, agreements and documents.

"Sub2 & Lease/Options - The Investor's 1-2 Punch" is the manual on CD ROM that makes learning easy. It zeros in on the essential knowledge needed to do deals safely and profitably. It is short and to the point. At the same time it warns of the pitfalls you must avoid when using Sub2 & Lease/Options. 

        What not to do is just as important as what you must do. You'll learn both in this manual on CD ROM.

        Yes, the subject is technical, but it's not like stem cell research.  I've written the instructions in a down to earth and very easy to understand style.  

        Read the manual on your computer screen or print a hard copy.  Then read it  2 or 3 times and you will know exactly how to control real estate using leases and options... and how to buy homes subject to existing loans... with little or no cash out of your pocket.  

         If you've been fumbling around looking for a clear path to real estate profits... this is it!.. you've found exactly what you need.

         Here at CFI we are proud to offer championship caliber learning material at Wal-Mart style prices, so...

         The manual is on CD ROM in PDF with documents in Word format.  You just point, click and the material unfolds on your computer.  Read from your computer screen or print a hard copy... 


You have 2 Special Packages to Choose from...

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Subject 2 & Lease Options EBOOK & CDROM

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P.P.S.  A fair question for you to ask is, "How do I know this stuff really works?"  

Here's my answer... "I use 'subject 2' and lease-options in my own investing!"  On a recent deal I put about *$50,000 in my pocket after controlling the property for just 18-months. 

The profit on many deals is less and on a few it's more!



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