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Mortgage Broker Online Sales Lead Guide I & II


Would you invest a small amount of money in a manual if it gave you access to tried and tested, yet seldomly used, mortgage broker marketing tactics?

I'm talking about the good stuff your competitors aren't using... tactics that can boost you income by 30%-50% a year, guarantee amazing result!


Dear Mortgage Professional,

When it comes to marketing your services on the Internet you can either:


A) Build a web site, get it listed in the major search engines, and hope customers find you in the ever growing sea of similarly marketed mortgage companies. - or -

B) Build a web site, get it listed in the major search engines, and most importantly develop your own network of lead generating sources so that you will always have a steady influx of targeted customers.


Probably 95% of mortgage companies choose route A. Heck, even a majority of the mortgage marketing companies I investigate suggest the same re-hashed methods.

Surely these commonly traveled 'paths to success' worked a couple of years ago. But today you have to think more creatively to stay ahead of the pack.

And that's where the The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide comes into play.

The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide delivers much more than run-of-the-mill promotional techniques you can find elsewhere.


There are NO telemarketing scripts... NO bleeding heart "please-help-me" letters to send to realtors... NO sample ad's to place in your local Penny saver... NO postcards to mail out.


While I have no doubt that all of these promotional techniques have the power to work, the problem is that they're terribly OVERWORKED.

And if your direct competitors are implementing these tactics, it's cutting right into your bottom line. Sure there may be enough for everybody to share in the wealth. But if you could get significantly more, then why choose to settle for less?

You don't have to.

The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide presents marketing strategies that only a handful of mortgage brokers are using. And that's what makes this manual so special.

You'll be able to use these strategies without being concerned that 10 of your local competitors are doing the exact same things.

But best of all, these are strategies that are already working for my existing mortgage clients. (The key words here being "already working.")


It's great to get 1,001 ideas from other mortgage marketing information products. But the problem with 1,001 ideas is that you have to test, re-test, and test again to see which ones actually work.


The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide offers strategies that have been proven to work.

My other clients have paid me literally thousands of dollars to create these sales lead plans for them. They shelled out even more money to go through the motions of making them work. So these plans have already been put through some rigorous tests.

This means you'll be receiving information that actually works. No testing is a good thing!


There are 4 key plans in
The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide


  • LEAD GENERATION PLAN #1- How to take $1,000 and turn it into hundreds of potential lead generators within 7-10 days. You want an autopilot method for generating leads - this is it!


  • LEAD GENERATION PLAN #2- How to purchase online advertising for as little as $1.00 per 1,000 visitors. Hardley any other mortgage brokers are using the technique I've laid out here, so it's ripe for the picking!


  • LEAD GENERATION PLAN #3- A stress free way for using eBay to expand your lead network. It's a steady method, only a handful of people are using it, and it'll easily cost you under $100 a month.


  • LEAD GENERATION PLAN #4- How to use the Internet to attract local customers. This one's a cinch to do. But I'd hurry before your competition steals the thunder.

You'll appreciate the fact that the information has been distilled into a quick read of only 36 pages. I'm NOT talking about 36 pages with the text in 14pt font... double-spaced... and margins big enough to park a Cadillac in. I mean solid information on each and every page.

That's because I respect your time. I mean if you're anything like me, you've got a life outside of the mortgage business. Perhaps a spouse... children... hobbies.

You probably already spend a sizable amount of hours working within your business. So would you rather spend weeks pouring through volumes of information, or would you prefer to cut to the chase and get to the nitty-gritty -- what REALLY works.

The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide provides proven strategies quickly, concisely, without all the fluff and filler. I've laid it all out in easy to follow step-by-step directions.

You'll have access to the actual ad samples I've used to promote my other clients businesses. And best of all, you'll have the web site addresses of the resources I use on a regular basis. You won't understand just how powerful this information is until you see it. This is the stuff that the average mortgage professional knows absolutely nothing about. I've never even run across this information in other author's material. It's truly one-of-a-kind.

Order Your Copy Today - Read Your Copy Today

A second volume containing four more super-profit mortgage lead plans has just been completed and will retail for $29. But for a limited time, when you order the Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide, you will receive the second volume absolutely FREE.

You'll be able to download The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide right after winning the auction. It's a PDF file, accessible to anyone with a PC or a Mac.

You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader pre-installed on your computer to read the file. Most newer computers already have it. If yours doesn't, you can download it for free at

Okay, Alexis, stop talking!
I'm ready to ORDER!


Remember: Your purchase is backed with a 8 weeks money back guarantee. If The Mortgage Brokers Online Sales Lead Guide is not to your liking, I will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Your Purchase May be Tax Deductible !

You have absolutely nothing to lose. But what you'll gain is far beyond the $37.00 price tag I've placed on this information.

Good luck!

Alexis Dawes


Only $37.00

* We can immediately download of product after purchase



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